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#Playbook: 100 days of war in Ukraine
Опубліковано 03 червня 2022 року о 11:02

  1. The Ukrainian army bravely fights for the shared values and the security of the continent. Assistance to Ukraine is the best investment in the future

The war lasts not 100 days, but 8 years.

Ukraine has withstood a direct military confrontation with Russia. Ukrainians showed heroism and self-sacrifice in the struggle against the occupier who came to our land to destroy the Ukrainian state, nation and identity.

Despite Russia suppressing Ukraine in a number  of military equipment and personnel, Ukrainian defenders have managed to liberate Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions and continue bravely to hold the line in Donbas. Though, the situation there is very difficult.

The cities of Mariupol and Sloviansk  are destroyed. According to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russian troops in the Donbas currently deployed 20 times more military equipment than Ukraine has there.

The Ukrainian miracle of being able to withstand such a brutal force has a number of ingredients. Capable and highly motivated military, leadership and courage of President Zelensky, advanced weapons and stiff sanctions by our partners, the incredible power of Ukrainian society with its highly developed horizontal ties, advanced social cohesion, solidarity, ability to quickly self-organize, and its ability to unite in the face of fear.

Russia has committed acts of nuclear terrorism, seizing nuclear power plants in Energodar and Chornobyl, holding personnel hostage. Such behavior is completely irresponsible.

Russia threatens the world with nuclear weapons if it intervenes in the war. Nuclear bluffing is a favorite tool of Russians to gain political preference. Fear is the main resource. A dictator should not rule the world out of fear.

Russia uses types of weapons prohibited by international conventions - phosphorus bombs, cluster shells, anti-personnel mines. Russia regularly and deliberately targets civilian infrastructure - homes, schools, hospitals, community centers. This demonstrates the real face of the Russians and the goals of the campaign - to destroy the Ukrainian nation as such.

Mariupol was completely destroyed by Russian aircraft and artillery. Tens of thousands of people died. The heroic defense of Mariupol lasted 83 days. Ukrainian defenders are currently being held captive by the Russians and will be released through an exchange of prisoners of war.

We pay an enormous price for the security of the entire democratic world and our shared values. The longer this war lasts, the higher the price for protecting freedom becomes - not only for Ukraine, but also for the entire free world.

The war has entered a phase of protracted conflict to exhaustion. Russia's regular army is unmotivated, and Russia is increasingly using forcefully conscripted persons and professional mercenaries in key areas. Ukraine needs Western heavy weapons immediately. Particularly critical needs – MLRS, artillery, air defense, fuel and logistics support.

The main pillars for our victory that partners and allies can ensure remain unchanged: maximum sanction pressure on Russia, more swift heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine, clarity on Ukraine's European future.

Ukraine is grateful for the shelter provided to 6.8 million Ukrainian refugees who have gone abroad. About 8 million people have been granted IDP status. About 500,000 Ukrainian citizens were deported to the northern and eastern regions of Russia without the right to return home. Russia is engaged in depopulation, demographic change in the occupied territories, as it has been doing since 2014 in the Crimea and Donbas. Russia is issuing Russian passports in the occupied territories, preparing the ground for illegal annexation.

  1. Russian Federation and its leaders responsible for starting the war must be brought to justice. The establishment of special Tribunal is much needed

Russia becomes the most sanctioned  country in the world and finds itself non-handshakable in the democratic world. No business as usual is possible until the cessation of aggression and the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces and illegal armed formations from the territory of Ukraine. The Putin regime has finally compromised itself, but the burden of responsibility for war crimes is also shared by Russian society, which has enabled and tacitly supported the Kremlin's neo-imperial policies, embodied in aggression against neighboring states.

Russia must be referred as a sponsor of terrorism.

The world witnessed the war crimes of the Russian army, saw atrocities in Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Borodyanka. The international community saw them thanks to the liberation of these settlements by the Ukrainian army. But Russia commits such crimes everywhere in the temporarily occupied territories, hiding them from the world. These crimes could be qualified as genocide.

On 26 February 2022 Ukraine launched a case against the Russian Federation on Allegation of Genocide in the ICJ. On 16 March 2022, the World Court issued a landmark ruling ordering the Russian Federation to immediately cease its “special operation”. 42 states took Ukraine’s side in the case against Russia at the ICJ and intend to join the proceedings.

Russia and its leaders responsible for starting the war must be brought to justice. Ukraine and the world are documenting crimes, we call for the establishment of a special tribunal to investigate the war crimes of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Belarus provided its own territory for the attack, thus becoming an accomplice to the crime. Belarus must equally bear the responsibility borne by the aggressor.

  1. Ukraine must win. We will not sacrifice its sovereign territory for the sake of peace with Russia.

Russian troops must leave Ukraine’s territory. Our goal is to restore the territorial integrity of our state within internationally recognized borders.

The appeasement of Russia is unacceptable and would only result in further acts of aggression against Ukraine and other states.

Ukraine will not sacrifice its sovereign territory for the sake of peace with Russia. The entire temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine will be liberated, including Donbas and Crimea. Ukraine will reach its internationally recognized borders.

Ukraine will never agree to any peace plans that will fix the new territorial occupation of the Russians in Ukraine. Our country wants peace, but not at any cost. Russian forces must leave the territory of Ukraine. “Minsk-3” will not come.

  1. The impact of Russia’s war is felt worldwide.  Russia bears responsibility for provoking global food crisis

Ukraine is a territory of freedom, a battlefield for the freedom of European nations.

The war against Ukraine is a manifestation of imperial chauvinism and neo-colonialism, when Russia tries to reinstall the Soviet Union, copying its defiant behavior both in the international arena and implementing Soviet practices in Russian everyday life.

The world must support Ukraine, because the future of Europe depends on its victory, otherwise permissiveness, impunity and (nuclear) blackmail will set new ambitions for revisionist autocratic regimes in the world.

Russia is blocking the seaports of Ukraine, through which grain is exported to world markets. Ukrainian farmers are actually working under missile fire to feed the world. Without Ukrainian grain, the world is threatened by famine. Hunger means a political instability and potential new refugee crisis. The world must ensure freedom of navigation in the Black Sea to prevent chaos.

Russia bears full responsibility for the unfolding global food crisis, which risks transforming in a multi-year one should solutions not be found in the coming weeks. Even finding itself in the circumstances of fighting against a full-scale war of aggression, Ukraine is working intensively with the UN and international partners to find solutions to ensure global food security.

Russia will use the issue of famine to put pressure on the world to ease or lift sanctions. The only cause of a possible food catastrophe is Russia itself and its militarism.

The precedent of the naval blockade can be used by other revisionist forces. That is why it is critical to find the right ways to overcome it.

  1. Russia should pay a high price for its crimes in Ukraine. The international community should further introduce sanctions and stop buying anything from Russia except critical import

Ukraine is grateful for the sanctions imposed on Russia and urges not to stop. Ukraine’s call is explicit: stop buying anything from Russia except critical imports. Russian economy is export-oriented and killing Russian exports is the real way to suffocate the Russian economy

Sanctions against Russia do work and weaken Russia’s ability to continue its war of aggression, that is why Moscow tries so desperately to lift them.

However, Ukraine’s economy is suffering more from the Russian destruction and attacks than the Russian economy suffers from sanctions, therefore Ukraine needs more financial support while sanctions on Russia must be significantly stepped up if we all want to really defund Russia’s war machine.

Russia will try to circumvent sanctions. The world must resolutely oppose such attempts. Russia's comprehensive diplomatic, economic and political isolation must continue.

  1. Together with partners, we will restore, rebuild and bring back life to cities destroyed by the Russian army.  

Ukraine's victory costs money to its allies. It will probably cost even more in the future, so it is necessary to explain to the citizens of different EU countries what the Ukrainian military is fighting for at the front.

In the longer term, Ukraine’s rebuilding and restoration will cost at least 600 billion dollars. In cooperation with the world experts, the Ukrainian government is already developing a rebuilding plan.

The main principle of this plan is that we are building with Europe and the world, rebuilding the whole country. A partnership will be established for each city and each country.

We invite our partners to take a lead in rebuilding Ukraine's regions affected by Russian aggression.

Russia has destroyed Ukraine's economy. One of the biggest challenges is the post-war reconstruction that we need to think about right now. Russia's frozen assets must go to rebuild our state.

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